Monday, 9 January 2012

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What is Android OS?

Android smart phones are the most famous phones in the world, and android is the linux based operating system which is used in most of the smart phones. Basically, android is developed by Open Handset Alliance, which is led by Google.

Now, Google android makes the change in the uses and features of phones and makes a simple phone smartest than ever. Moreover Smart phones which are currently releases are based on android operating system. There are many big operating system companies like Microsoft, apple, blackberry who are used their own operating system like windows, Apple’s I OS and blackberry also uses their own operating system.

Google android is used by many big mobile companies like Samsung, HTC, Datawind etc., Android is also used in tablet pc’s, smart notes like Samsung galaxy notes and many other devices as well. It is also assumed that the most cheapest Android device is Aakash tablet which made in india and govt. makes this phones for student to increase the use of technology in education as well as their skills and career development.
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