Wednesday, 2 November 2011


How to make a video as a Desktop Wallpaper

To see your ordinary wallpaper on your desktop, you get bored now its time to make some fun on your desktop with playing video as your wallpaper. Its amazing to watch a movie as your desktop wallpaper. Just follow these simple steps to do some desktop fun:-

First download vlc player if you have not already.
Then click on TOOLS in your menu bar

Now click on Preferences

Now in left panel select Video

Now in output select “DIRECTX video output”

Now restart your vlc player

Right click on video and go to video in right click

And click on “Direct x wallpaper”

Now enjoy your video as your Wallpaper and make fun to see this trick to your friends. Plz comment your experience about this desktop trick and subscribe our Email updates to stay updated with more tricks like this.
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  1. This is good but not the best because whenever we are closing the vlc the back ground video is also closed.

  2. yes mihir, you are right, bur it is a very nice feature of vlc.