Monday, 18 July 2011

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How to Make a Shortcut for any Program

We use many software program and if we want to make easy to start a program than we give programs to shortcut keys. shortcut keys are very important because these keys are used to save time and comfortability. We can use shortcuts in many programs like Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, paint, word and many other essential softwares. We can use cut, copy, paste in these softwares, which is essential and help us to make work easy and obviously saving time. Follow these steps to create any program shortcut:-

First, click on start or just go to your program for which you want to create shortcut like google chrome.

Right click on google chrome icon and just select properties

Now there are option of shortcut.

Fill their any alphabet

For eg. G and enter now your shortcut key is ctr+alt+g

You can apply these steps to any program like ms excel, word, powerpoint , photoshop or any program which you want.
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