Monday, 18 July 2011

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5 Google Search Tips to Make your Results Better

Google is the no. 1 search engine all over the world. We daily use google for many searches like travel, shopping, jobs, social networking site and want to search many interesting stuff. We can do search everything on google. But how, you can make searches results more better and more accurate. Today I give you some tips for searching better results. Here are the tips:-

If you want exact words in the result than type with “ for example on behalf of MARKETING JOBS IN INDIA, you should type “MARKETING JOBS IN INDIA” for finding better results.

Second tip, if you want some tutorials on any topic. Search the keywords with the word HOW TO, this makes help you to find more better result.

Third tip, if you want the google search in a specific site, for eg. in google search just type SITE:DTPLUS.IN COMPUTER PRANKS. So by this way, you can find some cool computer pranks on

If you want to search some images, infographics or wallpapers. Use GOOGLE IMAGE for better results. You can only search images, in this way.

If you want to search such kind of term like maps, books, news than use google service links on homepage of google.
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