Thursday, 2 June 2011

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Why the Facebook Username is so Useful?

Facebook is now becomes a social trend for every internet user. Facebook has over 600 million user over the World. It seems very big stat. well this name is very famous. And the facebook username is the identity or a address of specific person’s profile or a fan page like or Both these are the facebook fanpages which is an identity for both these pages. You could seen the ads on television of ponds india and they promote the fanpage to promote their products and events.

Well, the facebook username is very useful, you can also get a username and make an identity of your profile. For example your name is namit you can get the username like if this username is taken you should try for So these can you make an identity of your facebook profile with your name.

These name will very useful like if you want to tell a specific person like your friends or any person about your profile or send a friend request then you can tell your username like but if you don’t know how to get a username read my this post “How to Get a Facebook URL Address for My Facebook Profile“.
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